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How long do I have to sue?

Tort Statutes of Limitations in Pennsylvania We get a lot of calls and a lot of questions about the Statute of Limitations. A Statute of Limitations is a law passed by the Government which sets forth the maximum amount of time after an event within which legal proceedings related to that event must be initiated.  (…)
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Lawyers to avoid

There are endless scholarly articles on the attorney/client relationship. These articles cover ethical duties owed to the client, the nature and limits of attorney/client privilege, duties to disclose and withhold information to and from the public, courts, and opposing counsel, and so on There are no rules governing the interpersonal dimension of the attorney client (…)
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I thought the services I received from J. Murphy were excellent. I had a court hearing that they helped me with every step of the way. I was kept informed what was going to happen, the results that I should expect to get out of my case. I would recommended them to anyone who finds themselves overwhelmed on what the next step should be.


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