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Wrongful Death

The loss of a loved one is terrible under any circumstances, even more so when that loss is shocking, preventable, and caused by someone else’s stupidity, negligence, or intent. Representation of the survivors requires keen insight into just how the trauma suffered affects the needs of our clients. As with all of our work, we believe that the client requires attention just as much as the case. Supported, safe, informed clients are in a better position to work together with their lawyer and obtain quality outcomes from the collaboration.

The highly complex field of wrongful death representation requires an interdisciplinary approach. Your lawyer will likely have to step out of personal injury law into other areas of the law as diverse as tax law, estate and trust law, insurance law, to name a few. Joseph Murphy handles wrongful death cases personally.


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I found J. Murphy to be a very caring individual who honestly seemed to care about my concerns. He went out of his way to, including driving 65 miles away for a hearing, to make sure I got the best representation. He was always available and professional. I‘d definitely hire him again if I ever need legal assistance.


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