Won Credit Card Case Against Capital One

I was sued by Capital One for an unpaid credit card debt. I received the notice and the hearing was scheduled for just days before the statute of limitations was up on the debt. I contacted multiple attorneys and they all said the same thing. That it wasn’t worth my time or money to fight it. Either settle with them or get a judgement.

I called the attorney for Capital One to work out a settlement. I offered over 50% on the debt as a lump sum. They wanted 100%. They would not negotiate at all. They were rude and condescending.

Around this same time I received a letter in the mail from The J. Murphy Firm. They said they could handle the case for a flat rate of $500. I was skeptical. I read a few reviews online and figure for $500 it was worth the gamble.

I sent over my paper work and his firm handled everything. They specifically told me not to show up for court. They sent an attorney on my behalf.

I called up after the hearing and was told the case was dismissed and we had won. At that point the statute of limitations had run out and I was legally free of the debt.

For a $500 fee they were able to prevent a $7k+ judgement.

Hopefully I won’t need to use them again. But if something comes up I know who I’m calling.

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