Highly Recommended

Joe is awesome!
Joe and his team of attorneys helped me out with several junk debt collectors. These guys are the real deal. If you received a letter from Joe like I did the first time, I was a little skeptical, but they guaranteed there results. I tried them out on a lawsuit and they where able to get a judgement in my favor. The creditor appealed and Joe got that in my favor too. I was thoroughly impressed. I used Joe three more times in lawsuits and he got a judgement in my favor on two and we settled with the creditor on the third for pennies on the dollar when they kept appealing the judgements in my favor. I used him again in an arbitration hearing and he got a judgement for me on that one too. I have referred him to friends and family all with positive results. The fees they charge are very reasonable compared to the results. Give him a call, I highly recommend Joe. — Brian from Pennsylvania

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