Excellent lawyer

I contacted the J. Murphy Firm after receiving a letter form the firm advising me I had a hearing coming at a Magistrates office. I had no idea this firm was the lawyers for a credit card company. I had never been notified that there was going to be a hearing. After contraction the Murphy Firm I represent me at the hearing they then notified me I didn’t have to attend and they would take care of it. The Murphy firm did win the case for me. I was greatly relieved and appreciated them contacting me in the first place that there was going to be a hearing. I would highly recommend the J. Murphy Firm to represent future people who have the same problem I had. I am so very thank ful they contacted me and followed through with a win. I feel they really care about their clients and willing to go that extra mile. People need lawyers like these who truly care about them and their case. They kept in touch with me and gave me peace of mind that they truly would do their best. And their fees were reasonable which made it easier for a person on a fixed income as I am to be able to pay for legal help. More people who need help with legal council need to know about this firm. I would give them 5 stars for their service.

Client Review