Driving Under The Influence

The J. Murphy Firm is Very Good at defending DUI Cases.  If you are reading this page, odds are that you have recently been arrested and or cited for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or a Controlled Substance, or Both.

You probably understand that you are, indeed, in some very hot water.  Take it seriously.  Not all lawyers are created equal.  Even if you are guilty as sin and there’s no way to get you a “not guilty,” the abilities, knowledge, and, ultimately, skill of your chosen legal representative can make a world of difference in how much punishment you face.

You are going to have to go through the process.  fingerprinting, preliminary hearing, and yes, dealing with a lawyer.  We hope you will hire us.  We’re good at what we do, and while the courts have the final say in what happens to you, we have some control over what gets said to the court system

Where it makes sense to look into these things, there are endless points in the process where the government can make mistakes, overstep boundaries, lose evidence or collect bad or useless evidence and the like:

◾Was there probable cause to pull you over?

◾Probable cause to perform field sobriety tests?

◾What tests,  were they authorized tests?  were they properly performed?

◾Was your blood tested?  where?  by whom?  what sort of credentials and what sort of bias toward law enforcement?

In many cases, the prosecution will offer or can be talked into offering ARD or some other diversionary plea bargain type deal, and if not, we’re ready to try the case.
If your case involves more serious charges, a serious accident, eluding police, people getting hurt. etc.  you should choose your representation carefully.