Driving Under Suspension

The regulations that affect a person with a traffic offense are vast. Not only does one have to understand the statutory law, but also the system PennDot has developed for driving related offenses.

There are two types of driving suspensions listed in Pennsylvania law, Section 1543(a) and Section 1543(b). If you received a letter from us about defending a suspension, you are almost certainly being charged under Section 1543(b), which is the more serious of the two. This is because the initial suspension stems from a past DUI.

The punishment for this charge includes fines, an additional year of license suspension and a mandatory 60-90 days in jail

Furthermore, there are procedures within PennDot that must be followed for the State to recognize that you have started and stopped your suspension, and completed your other requirements, that may complicate the Section 1543(b) charge.

The J Murphy Firm will evaluate your situation to determine the best path to achieve the objective you want. Our objective is always to keep you out of jail.