Credit Card Lawsuits

The J Murphy Firm defends debt collection lawsuits in almost every court in the State of Pennsylvania, including magisterial district courts and county courts of common pleas.

Our firm can handle the filing of appropriate pleadings, scheduling of appearances and hearings, communication with the creditor’s lawyer, arbitration and other assorted actions that your case may require.

People often ignore credit lawsuits. They do this for any number of reasons, ranging from fear, lack of knowledge of the legal system, or they may think that because they don’t have any money or assets, the creditor “can’t do anything” to them.

If the lawsuit is ignored, the case will go to default judgment.

A judgment can affect you in many ways. It will become a lien on any real estate you own. A judgment allows the creditor to place a freeze on your bank account. It can even lead to sheriff sale of personal property. And not just on the things you own now, but things you could own in the future.

The J Murphy Firm has developed many methods of defense to defend you against a judgment, and the subsequent consequences of such. And you will likely not have to personally appear in court. We will go for you.

Magisterial District Court Credit Collection Defense:

A magisterial district court is the formal name for “small claims court,” hearing cases in value up to $12,000. The procedures at the magisterial level are fast, but sometimes complicated.

Hiring The J Murphy Firm to handle your credit collection defense in the magisterial district court will include the coordination of your hearing (which are often continued or rescheduled many times), filing of proper notices and forms with the magistrate’s office, client updates and, ultimately, the performance of arguments in your defense at the hearing through to the judge’s decision or resolution through withdrawal.

Credit Cases in County Courts of Common Pleas:

The defense of a credit case in a common pleas court not only requires legal expertise for the creation of successful legal arguments, but requires an ability to decipher and follow detailed local rules for deadlines, filing specifications and the navigation of the local court system, even down to the preferences of local judges and court staff.

The J Murphy Firm has the advantage of its state wide network of attorneys which report insight into the local aspects of the court systems, and a sophisticated technology system for scheduling and tracking of local policy, all of which allows The J Murphy Firm to easily meet the vast requirements of a county court of common pleas case.


We handle appeals of judgments from magisterial district courts. If you received a default judgment, or any judgment at all, call us to have your case reviewed for the potential of appeal.