J. Murphy Firm Commitment to You

The J. Murphy Firm is a client-focused Law Firm.  We provide highly effective representation to the legal needs of everyday people in a compassionate and professional manner.

Our compassion for our clients means that from your initial call to us through the end of your case, we will be sensitive to your situation and understanding toward your needs.  We will treat you like a person, not merely as a case.

We don’t work for nameless, faceless corporations.  We work for people, people with real names, real faces, and real concerns.  Professionalism toward the client means that we know this, compassion is what we do about it.

Professionalism toward providing legal services means that we will take our time, plan carefully, and work diligently toward providing excellent legal outcomes.

Unflinching dedication to client interests is the minimum any lawyer owes to their client, at the J. Murphy Firm, we promise you this, and more.

Services provided by the J. Murphy Firm

Personal Injury – The J. Murphy Firm has represented people injured by the negligence or wrongful conduct of others for 17 years.

Wrongful Death – Have you lost a loved one due to the negligence or wrongful conduct of someone else?  A personal injury case becomes a wrongful death case when the injured person is killed by the negligence or wrongful conduct of another.  These cases commonly involve complicated issues related to taxation, the estate of the decedent, and the rights of the heirs.  Mr. Murphy handles these personally and has been doing so for 18 years.

Ancillary Services Provided by the J. Murphy Firm

Credit Cases – Injuries, loss of job, and medical expenses are the most common causes of people falling behind with their creditors.  The last thing you need when you are already down is creditors hauling you into court and trying to take your assets.  The J. Murphy Firm has defended credit cases for our injury clients, and the general public, since 2009.

Traffic and Criminal Matters – Injured people sometimes get depressed and sometimes, they make mistakes.  The J. Murphy Firm has defended DUI/Traffic Defense as well as the defense of petty drug cases for our clients, and the general, public, since 2011.

What we do to create a safe environment for you!

We care about you, your family, and your future.

At J. Murphy Firm:

  • We listen;
  • Help you to learn and navigate the legal process;
  • Walk you through each step of what will occur;
  • We are your legal advocate;
  • Protect you from opposing counsel, insurance companies, and others who do not have your best interest at heart.

Why is J. Murphy Firm different from other law firms?

  • We take cases to help people have a better future and quality of life;
  • We ensure that our clients understand what is going on;
  • We regularly communicate to keep our clients informed;
  • We create a safe environment to protect our clients best interest.

Most all law firms have competent attorneys but how many take the time to listen, care and advise their clients each step of the way.

J. Murphy Firm is for the everyday person who has had a traumatic event in their life and wants a firm to represent them in a comfortable and safe way.