Speeding Tickets



If you are under the impression that a speeding violation is a minor offense, you could be mistaken. Most law abiding citizens may not be aware of what can actually happen as a result of a speeding ticket.

The State of Pennsylvania uses a point system which assigns a certain number of points according to the severity of the infraction. The accumulation of points may lead to many administrative processes, including the potential for testing, departmental hearings, and even license suspension. Additionally, the accumulation of points on your license can make your car insurance premium much higher.

If you received a letter from our firm about your recent speeding ticket, you are probably facing the assessment of at least four points to your license, and the court which your hearing will be held is far from your home.

The objective of The J Murphy Firm is to reduce or eliminate the points assessed to your license. And at the magisterial level, you wont even have to go to the hearing yourself.


Many people plead guilty to speeding tickets quickly, unaware of the consequences of doing so.

Our firm can appeal your guilty plea, as long as it is within the appeal deadlines.