CREDIT – can’t get blood from a stone?…oh yes, they can

I’ll give you a little tip here…dont sue people who can’t pay. Pretty obvious, huh? This is something any 10 year old can grasp, but we get calls every week from people who honestly believe that a giant, technically sophisticated business like a credit card company has sued them, EVEN THOUGH THEY CANT PAY!

Creditors only sue for one reason, to get money, and they don’t sue unless they think you can pay.

You may think to yourself, “Sure, but I actually don’t have the $10,000 I’m being sued for.”

One thing you should be aware of is that the credit industry engages in profiling people that owe money, and their ability to repay. You agreed to this when you signed up.

Perhaps you recently paid off another debt, Or maybe your bi-weekly deposits to the bank have increased, reflecting a raise. Maybe you have equity in a home, car, etc..

In each of these cases, the industry would profile you as more able to pay than you might understand. The payments you aren’t making to the other creditor, or the raise you just got is understood by the computers as money that could be paid to the creditor, just as is that paid off car or equity in your home.

Even the bank account your pay gets deposited into/where you keep your money is fair game, that account can be frozen, even if there’s not enough money in it to completely pay off your debt!

Dont be a chump and delude yourself. It may seem comforting to you to spout off true-isms like, “You can’t get blood from a stone,” but that isn’t going to help you when your bank account is frozen.

I’ll give you another true-ism that might help you when dealing with collectors, “Never back down from a bully!” It doesnt have to be JMF, but they’re not going to just “go away” and “forget about you,” so don’t be an ostrich, hire counsel and stand up for yourself.

Joe Murphy